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The scene below is a view of Santiago taken from the roof top restaurant of the CASAGRANDA Hotel. For visitors to the centre city this is a must see. Click the picture to enlarge. The BIG picture is about 500k - and may take a while to appear.



Cayo Granma - is an island in Santiago Bay easily accessable by local ferry. It's a good place to spend a quiet afternoon and maybe sample some fresh seafood. You can walk around the island in about 15 minutes.


Valle de la Prehistoria - located about 20km east of Santiago this park exibits the evolution of life on earth, starting with the dinosaurs and ending with the wooly mammoth and the beginnings of modern man. This exibit is very impressive and very well laid out. CLICK THE PICTURE


West of the city follow the coastal road for some of the most scenic areas in Cuba. I suggest that you rent a car for a day and head out early in the morning for a day of sightseeing. The mountains and sea shore here are something you will never forget.


Country Living - This newly relocated home is typical country living Cuban style. Dirt floor and outhouse are the norm.



Baseball fans - Enjoy your favorite sport all winter long. In Cuba the baseball season is opposite to ours with the finals ending in the month of May. Just think! Pro baseball in January - WOW - (and the tickets are ALMOST FREE). Also Santiago has one of the best baseball teams in Cuba.


Hotel Casagranda




Bacardi Museum


Hotel Santiago


Aguilera Monument

cabaret San Pedro del Mar.jpg

Cabaret 'San Pedro del Mar'


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